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Chatter Replacement.

Our patent pending Lightning Component drops anywhere to start creating, linking and discovering Slack channels and threads. Think of it as a Chatter replacement, but powered by Slack! A true bi-directional interface, users who love Salesforce can chat in a Slack channel while getting updates in real-time. Oh, and summarize the Channel with AI so you don't have to with Grok.

Stay in Slack.

Love Slack? Share key info from Salesforce with our actionable Centro record blocks. Create, edit, update and share quickly and easily.

Automate Anything. Seriously.

In addition to our robust tools that work out of the box, we leverage Salesforce Flow and Slack Workflow Builder to allow no-code solutions that configure for your business. The sky really is the limit for creating custom workflows that will speed up your teams productivity.

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  1. Start by installing the Centro companion apps in Salesforce and Slack.
  2. Connect the apps.
  3. Customize for your organization!

Centro Advanced Salesforce Integration starts $7 per user per month when paid annually

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