✍️ Custom Approvals in Slack.

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You need to get a quote approved with a big discount fast. The CFO only responds to Slack, and doesn’t have a Salesforce seat! With Centro, send the quote PDF, quote details, and actionable buttons for one click approvals. Or leverage existing Salesforce approval processes.

Centro's Slack Approvals

  • Save time on approvals, faster reaction speed than email.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Executed with or without a Salesforce seat.
  • Auditable to the Slack User.
  • Post actual file (quote, contract, etc).
  • Capture any subsequent conversation to Salesforce.
  • Include actionable button for one-click approvals.
  • Public, Private, or Direct Message Support.

Easy Configuration with Salesforce Flows:

Centro leverages Salesforce Flows for automation. No-code with our easy to use Slack Flow Elements. Automation is a snap to not only get the right information to the team in the right channel when they need it, but for them to take action in Slack as well.

Check out our documentation or watch our how-to videos. We stream regularly on Twitch and YouTube, send your admin!

Get started quickly with our Quick Start Package and Pricing

  1. Start by installing the Centro companion apps in Salesforce and Slack
  2. Install Quote Approval package into Salesforce which has this Flow definition already built
  3. Customize for your organization!
⚡️ Get this use case for just $1,680 annually for up to 10 users!
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