Achieve full control
between Slack & Salesforce

Centro provides the native, no-code tools and automations your team needs to be more effective. Discover, organize, create, learn and react in Salesforce and Slack. Let us surprise you with the possibilities.

Slack First Teams Love Centro

"We needed to integrate Salesforce and Slack and were looking for a cloud-native, feature-packed, low code, and scalable solution to realize this. After a search and review, we identified Centro and we were able to leverage it and quickly integrate and deploy a solution making a significant and positive difference in workflow and collaboration for our users.

The responsiveness, reliability, and quality have been outstanding. Truly an Enabler!"

Tony Gaglione
Director of Engineering

All the capability your team needs

We've heard it all. If you want to do something in Salesforce and Slack, we have you covered.


Centro's UI and Automation
is built using familiar Slack and Salesforce Tools. No learning curve, simply plug into existing workflows.

No Code

Admin friendly building blocks
are fast to implement no matter how complex the job.


Find all of your Slack conversations
where they should be: Salesforce. Centro is a true Chatter Replacement.

User Friendly

Our unique approach is intuitive and natural for users to save time in Slack and Salesforce.

Centro is powerful and easy to get started.

Create Slack-to-Case Forms in your Connect channels. Create, find and link Slack channels, threads, and conversations to Salesforce so others can learn from each other. Create Salesforce Approvals in Slack. Notify your team on new Leads with tools to engage in seconds. Create Partner or Customer Hub experiences inside Slack. Embed Slack inside Experience Cloud. Keep your customers engaged in Slack Connect with automated messages and engagement tracking. That's just the beginning.

Use Cases: Service & Support

Use Cases: Admins & Operations

How it works


Install and Connect

Install our Slack and Salesforce apps, then connect them securely.


Build your Solution

Use our intuitive building blocks to craft your integration, actions, or notifications.


Roll out in minutes

Centro was designed for fast deployments. Your team benefits instantly.

Get Started

Bring your Slack<>Salesforce idea to life with our experts

Still need help? Never fear. Our team is founded by Salesforce and Slack veterans. We also partner with world-class consultants.

Salesforce Flow & Slack Workflow Builder
Lightning Web Components & Block Kit
Create custom forms, flows, and more

What people are saying about Centro

Customers and partners alike love Team Centro. Start your journey with us today!

About Us

As a Salesforce SI, we love Centro as we can automate just about anything with Salesforce and Slack! The fact that it's native, and the tools are familiar to our team (Salesforce Flow & Slack Workflow Builder) makes it our go-to choice internally and for Customers.

Guy Bickel
Partner, Nuage Experts

This solution was really the only one out there for our use case - At first, I wasn't sure they could meet our requirements, but the team was very patient and willing to help support us to meet our requirements. They showed us how to set up the integration and additional functionality we can do in the future. The team is very responsive to any and all questions/concerns. We got the integration working in no time due to their support.

Lisa Thompson

A great, fast option for tightly linking the Slack and Salesforce experiences. Easy to set up, and the Centro documentation and support have been excellent.

Charles Snow
Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce

A nice, easy-to-use app for integrating Salesforce with Slack.

Amy Crouch
Salesforce Admin, Prodly

Between available features (including upcoming features on their roadmap) and the responsiveness of their support team, this is hands down the best Slack integration I've been able to work with. I highly recommend it.

David Cockrum
Founder & CEO, Vantage Point

Start saving time in Slack and Salesforce

Tell us about your use case and we'll get you started in minutes. Don't know what you want yet? No problem, we'll help you craft your dream integration based on your business.

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