Centro is packed with capabilities

We've heard it all, and our product does it all. You'll find your team is more effective, your customers will be happier, and you'll feel secure in knowing nothing is missed.

Native UIs

Centro leverages Slack Block Kit and Salesforce Lightning Web Components to create seamless user experiences. Place our Chatter Replacement on any page layout, including Experience Cloud sites.

Native Automations

Use the tools you know, don't learn yet another workflow designer. Centro uses Salesforce Flow and Slack Workflow to automate anything.

Form Builder

Slack-to-Case, Slack-to-Lead, order forms, travel requests or anything your business needs to run on. Let users create Salesforce records that leverage a single service user.


Summarize any Slack channel or thread using advanced AI. Save those conversations to Salesforce, get a daily digest, or catch up on the conversation quickly.

Email & SMS

Why leave Slack to send a customer an email or SMS? Centro provides inbound and outbound communications, linked to Salesforce. Never miss anything in Slack again.

Admin Friendly

Never code anything with Centro. We respect any customization you made to page layouts, permissions, and layouts so that setting up Slack is a breeze.

Start saving time in Slack and Salesforce

Tell us about your use case and we'll get you started in minutes. Don't know what you want yet? No problem, we'll help you craft your dream integration based on your business.

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