Create Case in Slack

Never miss a thing by quickly creating a Case from Slack with dynamic Centro Forms - No Salesforce license required to use a Form!

Replace Troops with Centro

  • ✅ Our team will rebuild your Troops Signals with Centro
  • ✅ Configured in hours, so you can get back to business
  • ✅ Priced to save you money
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Centro for Sales Cloud

Create Lead & Oppty from Slack

One-click Lead and Opportunity creation from anywhere in Slack

Notify on Any Lead or Oppty Update

The team will always be informed with real-time notifications from Salesforce to Slack

Edit, Assign or Qualify Leads

Measure Speed to Lead in seconds by updating New Leads instantly from Slack

Automate and Link Deal Rooms

Live Link creates and links Slack channels for Opportunities

RevOps Deal Desk approvals in Slack

Centralize your deal desk to drive processes while enabling Sellers

Deal Won Alerts & Triggers

More than celebrating wins as a team, seamlessly kickoff transitions to Customer Success

Post Dashboard to Slack

Drive and motivate by posting Sales or Clean Your Room Dashboards to Slack

Create Slack Connect Channel

Accelerate your sales motions with Slack Connect Channel creation from Opportunities
Teams Trust & Love Centro:

"We needed to integrate Salesforce and Slack and were looking for a cloud-native, feature-packed, low code, and scalable solution to realize this. After a search and review, we identified Centro and we were able to leverage it and quickly integrate and deploy a solution making a significant and positive difference in workflow and collaboration for our users.

The responsiveness, reliability, and quality have been outstanding. Truly an Enabler!"

Tony Gaglione
Director of Engineering - DirecTV

Start saving time in Slack and Salesforce

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