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Revenue & Sales operations is a never ending project. Increase sales throughput by 20% using Centro for Revops. Sell faster and get organized in Salesforce and Slack today.


Accelerated Lead Response


Reduction Lead-to-Close

4+ Hours

Saved a Week per Rep
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Slack-first Companies Trust Centro

"Centro was the missing link to unlocking massive productivity gains for our law firm. If you are on the fence about using Centro, call them. If you are still on the fence, call me directly and I will show you how we use Centro and why we love it. We are a slack-first organization. Our personal injury law firm requires rapid lead response times and white glove treatment of each lead"

Matt Wetherington
Wetherington Law

Drive consistency for every Sales cycle

  • Create/Archive Slack Deal Rooms from Salesforce quickly and intuitively
  • Link Slack Conversations &┬áThread to Accounts, Opportunities and More
  • Salesforce Approvals in Slack
  • Full Salesforce Opportunity Experience inside Slack

Lead Management at the Speed of Slack

  • New Lead notifications - dramatically increase your Lead response time
  • Assign Leads from Slack
  • Email/SMS directly from Slack
  • Slack communication linked directly in Salesforce

Slack-first RevOps: your team will thank you!

  • Create RevOps requests from Slack
  • Initiate requests from Shortcuts, Emoji reactions, or Slash Commands
  • Bring order to chaos, at the speed of Slack

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