Scale Up your ITĀ Help Desk

One of the biggest drags on your company's productivity is an outdated IT Help Desk experience. Improve ticket resolution times by 30% with Centro IT Help Desk for Slack


Accelerated First Response


Faster Case Resolution

4+ Hrs

Saved a Week per Agent
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Top Service Teams Trust Centro:

"Incredibly easy to work with and offer great tools and solutions that others don't have. They are very responsive and take care of meeting our needs. The solution was implemented quickly and we use this tool every day now!"

Shawn Ross
Hunter Douglas

Adapts to your existing process

  • Live Slack conversation is linked to Salesforce Case record
  • Agents work where they want - Salesforce or Slack
  • Files automatically load to Case from Slack

Automate anything, with tools you already know!

  • Salesforce Flow - Case Swarm, Escalation, Channel Creation/Archive/Management
  • Slack Workflow Builder - Create Case &Ā List Views in Slack
  • Snap to your existing processes to Slack, no need to learn a new tool

Support your team where they work - in Slack!

  • Create help desk Salesforce Cases from Slack
  • Initiate Case creation from Shortcuts, Emojis Reactions or Slash Commands
  • Structured experience, at the speed of Slack


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