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Our founding team has been in the Salesforce ecosystem since 2012, and Slack obsessed since 2017

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Focus on Salesforce & Slack

Our founders have been building products in the CRM category for over 10 years. Our experience has come from products such as ActionGrid (Now Conga Grid), Conga Contracts for Salesforce (2018 Stevie Winner), and now Centro. They are known for their focus on clean, intuitive products that delight customers, and are obsessed with customer and user satisfaction.

About Team Centro

Bailey Carlson
CTO & Co-Founder

Bailey is a thoughtful, focused, and pragmatic developer with deep technology and full-stack experience. He has a knack of quickly understanding problems, and developing intuitive and creative solutions.

Ryan Hitchler
CEO & Co-Founder

Ryan is a product and technology leader, focused on delighting the customer with support and tools. He lead engineering at Conga before starting Centro with Bailey.

Regina Ocwieja
COO & Co-Founder

Regina is an experienced leader focusing on world-class customer satisfaction by leading professional services and engineering teams during the past ten years. She has launched several products in the Salesforce Ecosystem that provide users with robust solutions to solve relevant business needs.

Tim Schultz
CRO & Co-Founder

Tim is an emphatic sales leader with infectious energy around technology and products. Tim was a part of the ActionGrid launch at CRMCulture - followed by 10 years leading sales teams in the Salesforce consulting space.

Our story

In 2017, while leading engineering at Conga, the decision was made to consolidate chat platforms to Slack across all departments at Conga. This made conversations more effective, but we noticed a glaring problem: what about Salesforce?

Conversations in Slack were spanning the entire customer lifecycle. Discussions were happening around:

  • Prospects & qualification:¬†does the product meet their needs?
  • Deal progression:¬†coordinating demos, use cases, quotes, and contracts.
  • Customer success & support:¬†dealing with escalations, responding to feature requests, and working acrross multiple departments to satisfy customers.

This was great, but what about our system-of-record, Salesforce? There was no way to organize or discover existing conversations. There was no way to summarize and memorialize those conversations using AI. There was no automation to create conversations, tear them down, or keep Salesforce updated.

After testing the market, Centro was born in August of 2020 - we're excited to have you a part of our journey!

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