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50 Slack Read-only users
10 Action Users
3 Salesforce Connected Users
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150 Slack Read-only users
50 Action Users
10 Salesforce Connected Users
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Larger teams & expanding Slack Connect footprint

500 Slack Read-only Users
200 Action Users
25 Salesforce Connected Users
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Read-only Users
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Frequently asked questions

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Can you explain each user type?

Slack Read-Only User: any member in Slack where Centro notifications are posting. They may not interact with the message other than to consume it.  

Action Users:
Centro Action users have more capabilities available to them than Read-Only users, as described below. They do not have all capabilities like Salesforce Connected users. Action users do not have a Salesforce License.
- Form Submit User: are either internal or external Slack Connect users that needs to complete and submit a Salesforce Form in Slack. For example, logging a Case or Opportunity. The form is built by a Designer.
- Email User: Ability to send and receive emails in Slack, utilize templates, and automate email messages. If connected to Salesforce, the ability to link these communications and Slack discussion to records.
- SMS User: Ability to send and receive text messages in Slack, utilize templates, and automate SMS messages. If connected to Salesforce, has the ability to link these conversations to records. At this time, Centro does not allow users to bring their own phone numbers to the platform without fully porting their number to a new carrier via Centro.
- Grok User*: Ability to leverage Centro's AI technology to summarize Slack channels on-demand, in a daily digest, or part of your Salesforce workflow. (*Talk to our sales team about licensing Grok!)

Salesforce Connected User: has access to all Centro Salesforce integration functionality. They are able to view, create, and interact with Slack conversations inside Salesforce, have the same level of access to Salesforce in Slack, and more. A Salesforce License is required.

*Additional individual Salesforce Connected Licenses are available for purchase in each plan. Contact sales@centro.rocks for more info.

Designer: A Salesforce and/or Slack admin that sets up your automations, notifications, and forms. Some Centro workflows leverage this Salesforce seat for others in Slack Connect. 1 Designer per workspace, unless otherwise negotiated.

Will Salesforce offer similar features to customers?

We study roadmaps, talk to product teams, watch conferences, and we believe we have a unique position in this market. We wrote this article soon after the initial announcement, created this video post Dreamforce 2021, and will continue to post our point of view in our blog!

What if I don't know how many people will be in my Slack Connect channels?

No problem, that's the idea with our bucketed pricing structure. Make your honest best guess, and we'll monitor the activity and inform you about any trends in usage. We know you'll see the value of Centro in your Slack channels just like we have!

What happens if I have unpredictable Form usage?

See answer regarding Slack Connect, but the same idea holds true with bucketed pricing model - take a honest best guess, we monitor and inform you of any changes to the trends. We want your team to honestly get value from the product!

Does Slack Mini-Client requires users to have a Salesforce License?

The Slack Mini-client has two flavors: one embedded in Salesforce Page Layouts, and the other embedded in Salesforce Experience Cloud pages. The Page Layouts requires a Salesforce License, while the Experience Cloud does not (but highly recommend a named user for tracking).

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