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Destroy internal silos.
Surround your customers.
Sell responsively.

Embrace the tools you know and love: Salesforce, SMS, Email, all in Slack with Centro.

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Break Down Silos

Your customer isn’t aware of your company’s internal silos, and shouldn’t care. Focus the team’s energy by creating customer channels linking Salesforce records. No more silos. Everyone is on the same page and discussing what’s most important: the customer.

Salesforce is Alive in Slack

The old saying “if it’s not in Salesforce, it didn’t happen” is eroding. People are spending most of their day in Slack, hopping between multiple tools. Centralize and save time with Centro. Log calls, create tasks, sync emails, create records, all without leaving Slack. Oh, and don’t worry about burdening your admin. We respect Salesforce customizations!

Log calls, create tasks, sync emails, create records, all without leaving Slack
Lakeview Insurance #lead_greenbelt-manufacturing Centro: 📭 rachelprospect@gmail.com opened Follow up… Lakeview Insurance #lead_greenbelt-manufacturing Centro: 🔗 rachelprospect@gmail.com clicked Learn More Lakeview Insurance #lead_greenbelt-manufacturing Centro: ↩️ Sounds great, let's schedule a demo!

Be Super Responsive

You can’t be in the dark with your prospects and customers. Know instantly when a client opens, clicks a link, or replies to your email or SMS text message. Respond to them insanely fast, just like you do with co-workers. Out-communicate the competition with the world’s fastest communication platform.


Slack Centric Sales and Communications

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