Centro Deal Rooms: Cut the Chaos and Win More, Faster

February 15, 2022
Centro Deal Rooms: Cut the Chaos and Win More, Faster

 Does this sound familiar? 

You’ve finally got that big prospect interested - time to get your team aligned, queue the “30 minute prep” meeting. Calendars are a mess, the Sales Engineer no-shows, and you have no confidence everyone is on the same page. Panic sets in. You thought there was a Slack channel about this, but you can’t find it so you bombard everyone with Slack DMs, texts and calls. 

Get on the same page with your team in real time with Centro Deal Rooms. Sales motions are accelerated by over 30% as you:

  • Eliminate 30-minute internal meetings from your day
  • Stop searching for Slack DMs/Channels, it’s all linked to your Salesforce Opportunity
  • Create, Edit, View and Update Salesforce data directly from Slack
  • Summarize Slack conversations with Grok AI, so everyone is quickly up to speed
  • Stay organized when the deal is done, Centro reminds you to archive the channel so you keep Slack clean while still seeing it in Salesforce

How it works: 

  1. Create a Deal Room, and invite your team, from your Opportunity Record in Salesforce (using Centro’s Linked Conversations Component)
Creating a Deal Room in Slack from Salesforce

       2. The Deal Room is automatically created in Slack, with the Opportunity record details posted to the channel.

  • Create, Edit, View all Salesforce data from within the Deal Room
  • Related Records accessible via Related List buttons (i.e. Opportunity Products, Quotes, etc)
  • Changes and updates are posted to the channel, so everyone can be up to speed
Centro Deal Room in Slack

        3. As new members are added to the Deal Room, they are greeted with a conversation summary:

Grok Summary for those who join the channel to catch up quickly

        4. Have multiple Slack Channels about your opportunity? Link everything back to the Opportunity record. Why would you have multiple channels for an Opportunity?

  • Slack Connect Channel with Partner on the deal (external)
  • Slack Connect Channel with Customer or Prospect (external)
  • Deal Rooms(s) - complex deals can have multiple deal rooms
Discover all Slack conversations related to a deal

Setup & Configuration

Centro takes less than 30 Minutes to install and configure. Get started today with a 14-Day free trial here (list use case: “Deal Rooms”), or book a meeting to get a live demo.

Start saving time in Slack and Salesforce

Tell us about your use case and we'll get you started in minutes. Don't know what you want yet? No problem, we'll help you craft your dream integration based on your business.

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