Centro for Healthcare: Patient Referral Management and Provider Requests in Slack

June 22, 2024
Centro for Healthcare: Patient Referral Management and Provider Requests in Slack

Streamlining Patient Referral Management and Provider Requests with Centro for Healthcare & Life Sciences (HLS)

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, efficient communication and seamless integration between systems are crucial. "Centro" for Healthcare & Life Sciences (HLS) addresses these needs by enhancing patient referral management and provider requests through Slack, integrated with Salesforce Health Cloud. This innovative approach ensures healthcare providers can manage tasks without needing a Salesforce license, simplifying workflows and improving patient care.

Provider Requests in Slack

Healthcare providers often need to make quick requests for lab tests or patient referrals. With "Centro," this process is streamlined directly within Slack, eliminating the need for a Salesforce license. Here's a closer look at how this works:

Lab Requests:

  1. Providers can access the Lab Request button pinned in their Slack channel. This was custom made in seconds with Centro's easy-to-use Slack Flow element in Salesforce. These buttons can be pressed without needing a Salesforce license!
  2. By selecting this button, they can create a case in Salesforce, specifying details such as the type of lab test needed (e.g., lipid panel) and the patient in question.
  3. Once the request is submitted, the case is created in Salesforce and can be processed by the relevant team.
  4. Providers receive real-time updates in Slack regarding the status of their requests, such as when the case is processed, ensuring they stay informed without needing to log into Salesforce.
Requests actions in Slack

Patient Referrals:

  1. Similarly, providers can use the Patient Referral button in Slack to create referral cases in Salesforce. Again, Slack users can invoke this functionality without the need for a Salesforce license. This proves very helpful in situations where you may have 1,000s of users in Slack or Slack Connect, but need a way to get a new record created. Don't worry, Centro respects all of your security and permissions, and you customize the form exactly the way you want.
  2. They can specify the type of referral (e.g., occupational therapy) and the patient involved.
  3. Like lab requests, these referral cases are tracked in Salesforce, with updates reflected in Slack, allowing providers to stay current on the latest information.
Sample of customizable Centro Form for creating a Lab Request

This integration simplifies the workflow for healthcare providers, enabling them to manage requests efficiently while focusing more on patient care. See the short demo below:

Patient Referral Management

The patient referral management feature of "Centro" demonstrates the seamless collaboration between coordinators and providers, enhancing the referral process:

Managing referrals in Slack
  1. Coordinator Role:
    • Coordinators manage referrals within Salesforce, where they can assign referrals to providers by updating the status to "open."
    • This action triggers a notification in Slack, informing the provider of a new referral assignment.
  2. Provider Role:
    • Providers operate within Slack, where they receive and review referral notifications.
    • They have the option to accept or reject referrals directly in Slack. For instance, if a provider decides to reject a referral, this action updates the records in Salesforce, reflecting the rejection status.
    • If a provider needs more information before accepting a referral, they can communicate directly with the coordinator in Slack. This interaction ensures that providers have all necessary context, such as the patient's status or appointment history, before making a decision.
  3. Real-Time Updates:
    • Once a provider accepts a referral, they can set up the first appointment date within Slack. This action updates Salesforce records, ensuring both systems are synchronized.
    • Providers can also receive real-time updates and confirmation messages in Slack, keeping them informed about any changes or additional information related to their cases.
Managing request in Salesforce

This comprehensive integration of Slack and Salesforce Health Cloud through "Centro" empowers healthcare providers to manage patient referrals and requests more efficiently. By reducing the need to switch between platforms and providing real-time updates, "Centro" enhances productivity and ensures that healthcare professionals can focus more on delivering quality patient care. See the demo video below:


"Centro" for Healthcare & Life Sciences (HLS) revolutionizes the way healthcare providers manage patient referrals and requests. By integrating Slack with Salesforce Health Cloud, "Centro" provides a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly solution that reduces administrative burden and improves communication. This innovative tool exemplifies the future of healthcare management, where technology enables better care through streamlined processes and real-time collaboration.

For more information or to see "Centro" in action, please reach out with any questions.

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