Challenge: Searching in Slack v. Centro & Grok

December 15, 2021
Challenge: Searching in Slack v. Centro & Grok

Hunting and pecking in Slack Search for info about an Account is, let’s face it, painful. We intuitively knew this when we built Centro, but I’ve been remiss in performing a time trial. So, I did!

The challenge: put yourself in the shoes of someone trying to understand the internal conversation about a particular account. We know the customer discussions are in Slack, either in Channels, DMs, Threads, or private channels. What do we do to get caught up? One Customer Success Manager (CSM) told me she spends up to 7 hours in meetings trying to catch up on a single account.

Put that aside for a moment; let’s say she goes to Slack first. Where to start? Slack Search will give you the messages and channels matching the search term. The downside: it’s not structured or easily discoverable. Plus, you have to read and comprehend the conversation, which slows you down too. I did a test on my own (see video below), and it took me 2 minutes to find and read two channels with threads. I also wasn’t confident I found everything. Try it right now in your Slack, search for all the discussions on a larger account of yours — I’ll wait!

I repeated the same test with Centro. I went to the Account record and discovered all of the relevant channels, threads, messages, and DMs in one spot. I used Grok to summarize, read the details and skip the cruft and niceties quickly. I found four relevant channels and threads (2 more than what I found in Slack Search!) in 50 seconds! That’s 12.5 seconds per channel compared to 60 seconds per channel 😳.

Ok, so what’s that translate to in time savings? I did some quick math; here’s a table:

What about cost savings? Let’s use the CSM use case, and a realistic 15 searches per day. Assuming an hourly rate of $35/hour, that person would spend 300 minutes a month fumbling in Slack Search, at an annual cost of $2,127.84. Centro brings that time down to 62 minutes a month, at a yearly license cost of $216/user. The result? All in savings of $1,468.54/year!

Now, as your team grows, that value only goes up. More accounts, more conversations, more channels to parse through, and more time wasted without Centro & Grok. The problem gets exponentially worse as you grow!

Ready to start organizing? You can get started literally in less than 10 minutes (I timed that too!) with our companion Slack and Salesforce apps. Don’t take my word for it: tell your admin you want to begin a trial with a five person team today!

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