How to Monetize Your Slack Connect Channel for Supporting Customers with Centro

December 5, 2022
How to Monetize Your Slack Connect Channel for Supporting Customers with Centro

Slack Connect is a powerful tool for bringing together teams and partners to collaborate and communicate. But did you know that you can also use Slack Connect to monetize your support efforts for customers using your product, using Centro? In this article, we will show you how to set up a Slack Connect channel for supporting customers with Centro, and how to monetize it in a way that benefits both you and your customers.

Customer creating a Case in your Slack Connect Channel

First, let's take a look at how Slack Connect works and how it can help you support customers with Centro. Slack Connect allows you to invite multiple teams or organizations to a single Slack channel, where they can all participate in the same conversation and share information, files, and other resources. This can be especially useful for supporting customers, as it allows you to provide them with quick and efficient assistance, as well as share helpful tips and resources with them. Using Centro, they can also log cases, search Knowledge articles for case deflection, and the conversation is sync'd to Salesforce in real time!

To set up a Slack Connect channel for supporting customers with Centro, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Slack Connect channel by going to the "Channels" section of your Slack workspace and clicking on the "Create a channel" button. You can also do this directly from the Account record in Salesforce and invite Contacts using the Centro component.
  2. Give your channel a name that reflects its purpose, such as "#ext-<customer>-support" or "#ext-<yourcompany>-<customername>-help".
  3. Invite your team members and any other relevant organizations, such as Centro product experts or customer service representatives, to join the channel.
  4. Add any relevant resources and information to the channel, such as links to Ā documentation, troubleshooting guides, and support contact information.
  5. Create a Slack Workflow with Centro's step to create a case from a Shortcut or from an Emoji, and that case will be created without having the end user have a Salesforce license.
  6. Encourage your team members and invited organizations to regularly monitor the channel and provide assistance to customers using Centro who have questions or need help.
  7. Better yet, route new Cases to a Triage channel so that your support team can handle the Cases from a centralized location.
Creating a Slack Connect Channel with your Customer from Salesforce

Once you have set up your Slack Connect channel for supporting customers with Centro, you can monetize it by offering premium support services to your customers. This can include providing faster response times, priority support, or access to additional resources and expertise. You can offer these services on a subscription basis, or as part of a bundle with your product/service.

To monetize your Slack Connect channel, follow these steps:

  1. Create a subscription plan or bundle that includes your premium support services.
  2. Set up a system for collecting payments from your customers, such as a payment gateway or invoicing system.
  3. Promote your premium support services to your customers using Centro, highlighting the benefits and value they will receive.
  4. Offer your premium support services through your Slack Connect channel, and provide your customers with instructions on how to sign up and access the services.
  5. Monitor your Slack Connect channel and provide your premium support services to your customers who have subscribed to them.

By following these steps, you can monetize your Slack Connect channel for supporting customers with Centro and provide them with valuable assistance and resources. This can help you improve their experience with your product, and generate additional revenue for your business. So why not give it a try and see the benefits for yourself?

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