Salesforce and Slack Integration - The Build vs Buy Decision

February 25, 2022
Salesforce and Slack Integration - The Build vs Buy Decision

Does this sound familiar? 

You’ve been tasked to figure out your “Slack and Salesforce” integration strategy. Your mind races to your options: Learn the Slack API? Wait for Salesforce to release something? Is there a free option that’s not too basic? Could I justify budget for an AppExchange app? 

You need something that’s both flexible, scalable and takes weeks not months to deploy.

Before rushing to code up a proof-of-concept, let’s explore the build vs. buy dilemma from a common ask: creating a Salesforce Case from Slack.

 Use Case Requirements:

  • Create a Salesforce Case from Slack 
  • Support both license and non-licensed Salesforce users 
  • Custom form for users to fill out Case details
  • Track the Slack member that created the case
  • Slack conversation is surfaced and linked in Salesforce
  • Show Case details in Slack, with configurable fields
  • Support Slack Threads on each Case posted
  • Allow files to be uploaded to the Case from Slack
  • Notify the team when the Case has been marked Closed
  • Custom buttons to create “Swarms” or escalated to Tier 2 channel


  • 1 Salesforce Developer (limited Slack experience)
  • 1 Project manager

Let’s say this developer is experienced with Salesforce but unfamiliar with the Slack API. Here’s the expected times involved in each stage of development:

Let's now look at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Our assumptions:

  • Developer Salary: $100,000 (does not include opportunity cost for other projects)
  • 25 Salesforce Users, 200 Slack Users to working Cases from Slack

Next Steps: 

Build vs. Buy is a difficult decision. We architected Centro to be the preferred alternative to building a custom Slack and Salesforce integration. We do this by balancing advanced use case design, scalability, and familiar tools with expedited time-to-value.

Design a Slack-to-Case proof-of-concept in 30 minutes. Get started today with a 14-Day free trial here (list use case: “Slack-to-Case”), or book a meeting to get a live demo.

Start saving time in Slack and Salesforce

Tell us about your use case and we'll get you started in minutes. Don't know what you want yet? No problem, we'll help you craft your dream integration based on your business.

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