Salesforce Case Swarming in Slack with Centro

March 1, 2022
Salesforce Case Swarming in Slack with Centro

Salesforce Case Swarming in Slack with Centro

Centro provides no-code solutions to enable a customized solutions for allowing teams to "Swarm" around a Case in Slack. In this video, you'll see an example of this in action!

You saw:

Creating a Case from Slack using our Slack Workflow Builder steps (including a Form step!)

We ship several Slack Workflow steps to help automate common actions in Slack, like search record, post a record to Slack, and in this case, a customizable form! We allow the form submit by a licensed Salesforce user, or, by someone who doesn't have access to Salesforce!

Launch a Salesforce Flow to notify the team internally (with custom buttons!)

Salesforce Flow is the future of automation on the Platform. Centro ships multiple, intuitive Salesforce Flow elements such as Create and Invite users, Post a customized message (including actionable buttons), and archiving channels. Build anything you dream up in Slack without code!

Pressing the "Swarm" button will create a new channel, invite the Swarm team, and post context to the team around the case

The button Swarm is simply firing a Salesforce Platform event, which of course, is handled just like a Record Triggered Flow! Because of the flexibility of Platform events, it's really the sky's the limit on what you can build.

Agents can work from the Salesforce can with our "Mini" Slack client that's embedded in Salesforce records

The Centro Lightning Web Component is a true "Chatter Replacement" inside Salesforce! We think of it as a mini, embedded Slack client that linked to Channels, Threads, and even archived channels! Never miss a beat or waste time trying to find a Slack conversation inside Salesforce with our patent pending embedded Slack client!

Closing the Case will archive the Slack Channel to keep your sidebar clean, but also stay "Linked" to the Salesforce record to review.

Centro ships managed objects in Salesforce as well, including our Linked Conversation object which can be customized to your needs. Link the Slack channel to the Salesforce record to find all of your conversation, or better yet, manage them properly with Centro!


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