Slack-to-Case quick start guide

- Slack Workspace Admin permissions (ability to install Apps and configure Workflows)
- Salesforce Org Admin Permissions (optional but recommended)
Step 1
Install Centro Slack App
Click Add to Slack, make sure you pick the correct workspace:
Step 2
Connect to Salesforce
- In Slack, navigate to Apps-> CentroApp -> Home tab, if Centro is not in the Apps section, click Add Apps andsearch Centro"    
- Click Salesforce Setup and Connect to Salesforce (this links your Slack & Salesforce user logins). Each user performs this step, once.
- Click Automation User Setup and set your automation user (usually an admin). This is useful for allowing non-Salesforce licensed user to create Cases. Note: only the admin needs to set the automation user, once.
Step 3
Install Centro Salesforce App
- Click to install in your Salesforce Production or Sandbox below
- You'll need to install in the same org you connect to in Step 2
Step 4
Setup Centro Salesforce App
- Navigate to the Centro App in the Salesforce Org you just installed in Step 3. Validate that it shows as Connected to the Slack Workspace you installed to in Step 1.
- Setup User Permissions: Salesforce Setup-> Permission Sets
  - Centro User: Add users that will use Centro
  - Centro Admin: Add users that will administer Centro
       Note: Admins need both Centro Admin & User Permissions
Assign Centro Licenses: Salesforce Setup->Installed Packages->Centro
   - Manage Licenses->Assign to Users and Admins similar to User permissions above
Step 5
Add the Centro Embedded Slack Component to the Case Page Layout
- Open any Case Record in Salesforce
- Click the Gear Icon->Edit Page to open Lightning Designer
- Search for Centro in the Component Search, then drag the Centro Linked Conversations component onto the page (find a visible area at the top of the page)
- Save and Activate the Page
Step 6 - Optional
Review Form Sample
Centro provides a sample form to get you started! Click Form Setup, then click the "..." next to Create Case from Message. You'll see a form for Cases built out. For testing, you can leave this form alone for now. If you need help configuring this form, see this documentation or you can always send a message from the Centro Home tab! Someone from our team will get back to you quickly.
Step 7
Add the Form to an Action
Next, Click Workflow Setup, then find "Create Salesforce Case Message Shortcut". Click Enable, then click "Submit Centro Salesforce Form" on the next screen. Drop the Show Form and select our Crease Case from Message form. Click Save, and close the Workflow Setup Screen
Step 8
Test the Form
Now go to any message in any Channel, and click the More Actions as you over over a message. (Don't see the message shortcut? Click More Message Shortcuts) Click the Create Case short cut, fill out the form, and your Case will be saved and linked back to Salesforce!
Step 9
Customize the Record Block
The Centro Record Block is an all-in-one Slack Component that allows:
- Record Editing
- Customization of Fields and related lists
- Creation of Custom Buttons
- Change owner, update status, and more!
Customize the Case Record block as you see fit:
Step 10
Review Case in Salesforce
- Click the Case Number field in the Record Block to open the case in Salesforce
- Click the Case Case Thread line in the Centro Linked Conversations component. Agents can post messages to the linked Slack Thread without leaving Salesforce (including emoji reactions!)
- Verify the file uploaded from Slack has been saved as a File
Note: Users may be prompted to authenticate to Slack in order to post message from Salesforce. This is a one-time authorization

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