It's time. Slack-to-Case is here.

Submit Salesforce Cases from Slack in a simple and intuitive form with Centro. Slack-to-Case creates instant value for:
- Customers: Slack Connect with your customer to provide a highly differentiated, Slack-first service experience.
- Employees: Create an IT Help Desk in Slack. Not everyone has Salesforce, and managing Cases in Slack just makes life easier for everyone.
- Partners: Your partners need access to you, and you want to enable them as an alliance manager. Partners can submit cases and updated in real-time in Slack.

Configuration Time: ~5 minutes
Slack Skill Level: Beginner (leverage Slack Workflow Builder)
Salesforce Skill Level: Not required to get started
: Replace Email-to-Case and integrate into your existing workflows easily. Customers, partners, and employees are highly satisfied with an interactive and attentive process.

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Get started in 15 minutes or less. Centro features:
- Single automated user for Forms: non-licensed Salesforce users can log a Case, just like an email
- Native Slack Workflow builder: incorporate into any workflow you choose
- Upload files, screenshots, and videos from Slack to Salesforce Files, up to 100MB
- Trigger Salesforce Platform events: Invoke action in Salesforce or incorporate into existing workflows
- Set hidden fields, filtered lookups, and more.
- Compatible with Slack Connect

Email-to-Case is so 2003. Meet your customers, partners, and employees where they live: Slack. Centro brings your team the ability to:
- Use Slack Workflow to create custom forms
- Integrate directly into your existing Salesforce workflows
- Respond faster than ever, beating your SLA and increasing customer satisfaction.

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