Centro is Support in Slack

Centro manages the entire case or ticket lifecycle, soup to nuts. All the tools you'd expect to work between Salesforce and Slack just - work. Choose any or all of our enabling steps.

Case management in Slack for internal or external support

Internal Support Use Case

ITĀ HelpĀ Desk

Customer Support Use Case

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Top Service Teams Trust Centro:

"We needed to integrate Salesforce and Slack and were looking for a cloud-native, feature-packed, low code, and scalable solution to realize this. After a search and review, we identified Centro and we were able to leverage it and quickly integrate and deploy a solution making a significant and positive difference in workflow and collaboration for our users.

The responsiveness, reliability, and quality have been outstanding. Truly an Enabler!"

Tony Gaglione
Director of Engineering - DirecTV

šŸ§™ AI Case Deflection

  • Leverage internal Salesforce Cases, Knowledge, Slack, Google Docs, Confluence and more.
  • Assist Agents to resolve Cases in Slack or Salesforce - bring knowledge to people, saving time and deflecting escalations.
  • Answers include source links; allowing for article and knowlege improvement.

šŸ„š Create Cases in Slack

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  • Create Cases intuitively and easily. Ā From messages, emojis, DMs, Centro ingests requests smoothly.
  • Centro Forms brings the nuance of Salesforce to Slack. Respects record types, lookups, dependent picklists, and more to make sure the data is clean.
  • Slack-to-Case fromĀ Centro is preferred method for managing your team or customer requests.

Start saving time in Slack and Salesforce

Tell us about your use case and we'll get you started in minutes. Don't know what you want yet?Ā No problem, we'll help you craft your dream integration based on your business.

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